SWOOPS is coming

SWOOPS 2015 is only 5 days away, so this web site was made to enable them to have early visibility to the railroad.  The Rules pages are the most interest.  Hopefully the orientation pages will updated with images in the next few days.  We hope to provide a tour and other basic stuff so you can walk into the basement as if you’d already been there.  At right, sign up for the RSS feeds or email notification to get all of the latest information on the B&O Chillicothe Sub.

Rules pages to get you started:

We look forward to host all of you for SWOOPS.  FYI:  There are still a few openings for the B&O Chillicothe sub, you can sign up for individual session!

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1 Response to SWOOPS is coming

  1. Paul Miklos says:

    South West Ohio Ops 2015 has come and gone and was a great success. We hosted two Op sessions with 16 guest operators. Although we hold monthly Op sessions this was the first event of this kind we participated in. Some operators were experienced TT&TO operators and some were trying it for the first time. All agreed the sessions went well and everyone had a good time. We even added several of the guest operators to the regular crew call. It’s a lot of work to put on two Op sessions during an Ops weekend but it is well worth it to be able to share the hobby with others that enjoy it so much. Thanks to all the participants for making it possible and so enjoyable.


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