2018 Cincinnati Express Convention

 The Cincinnati Express 2018 MCR– Mid Central Region Annual Conventions is coming May 17 through 20, 2018. This web site will help operators to have early information about the railroad.  The Rules pages are the most interest.  The orientation pages will updated with images as we delve into TT&TO operations.  Get information on the types of jobs available for an Op session. Check our video tour, about 1/3 of the mainline, and other basic information so you can mark up for the railroad as if you’d already been there.  At right, sign up for the RSS feeds or email notification to get all of the latest information on the B&O Chillicothe Sub. 

We look forward to hosting  guest operators at the 2018 Mid Central Region Annual Convention. There are limited openings for our Thursday night Convention Op session on the B&O Chillicothe sub, so mark up early!

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3 Responses to 2018 Cincinnati Express Convention

  1. Don White says:

    Hi Paul and Crew – Just wanted to say thank you in advance for hosting at the convention. I’ve never run under TT&TO, and select your layout for the great learning opportunity. Also, I’m bookmarking your site for all of the info.


  2. narrowtracks says:

    Don – Glad you’ve marked up on the B&O. For the best TT&TO experience we suggest you crew trains out on the main line or work as a station operator.
    If you know anyone else coming to the convention, let them know they can join you as there are still open slots.


  3. Don White says:

    Sounds great. I think my father, Dick White, is going to sign up for the op session as well.


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