New Clearnace Stamp for use by dispatchers

Dispatchers, I’ve modified the clearance stamp to align better with the Micro Mark clearance forms in use on the BORRCS.

Here is a sample micro mark Clearance From A. Note, is not filled out properly as the time/date is not correct and the train is just the engine number, it should be something like EXTRA 9267 EAST

Here is a sample of the new stamp in use.  The text is aligns better to the form.  I have updated the How to Prepare a Clearance page.  Review that page before the using the stamp.  Feel free to add comments to this page if you have questions.

Three samples of using the stamp. The first is the stamp without dispatcher entered text. The second if for a scheduled train and the third is for an extra. Not that messages do not have numbers so cannot be listed.

Hopefully now that the stamp is similar to the Micro Mark clearance form, communication between operator and dispatcher will be more natural.

David Keith

Chief Dispatcher B&O Chillicothe Sub


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