1. The layout is a continuous helix (nolix) design
2. East is to the Right
3. West is to the Left
4. Tracks are usually numbered starting at the Mainline (exception is St Louis/Louisville)

1. Find St. Louis and Louisville Staging (Lowest point on layout)
a. St.Louis is the Front 5 tracks, Louisville is the 4 tracks at rear.  Tracks 6&7 are the mainlines through staging
b. Trains to St. Louis must go around the reversing loop
c. Trains to Louisville must go through Mill Creek Yard
d. Trains leaving Louisville must go around the reversing loop
2. Proceeding East is Cincinnati Engine Terminal
a. It serves both Mill Creek and Brighton Yards in Cincinnati
b. Most Freight trains have power swapped in Cincinnati
3. Moving East, Brighton Yard is next
a. Brighton is the 9 tracks at front of layout.
b. Brighton handles all Eastbound trains
c. Notice Drill Track goes behind engine terminal.  Also find caboose track

4. Mill Creek Yard is the 8 tracks behind main line.
a. Mill Creek handles majority of westbound freight trains.
b. Notice drill track to the east
5. BR Tower guards the east end of Cincinnati
a. BR tower has a Train Register!
b. Westbound freight trains stop at BH tower for Yard Master to route the train into Mill Creek Yard
6. Follow Mainline East to NA Tower
a. Double track Main line, Right Hand Running.
b. NA tower is a future interlocking
c. Trains to Berry Yard & Ross Industrial Park leave mainline here
d. NA Tower switches are aligned by Loveland operator sitting at desk to left
7. Loveland Operator serves as operator for Cincinnati (BR Tower), Oakley, Loveland, & Greenfield.
8. Continue East to Oakley
a. The East end of Oakley is end of Cincinnati Yard Limits
b. Find the Yard Limit Location
c. From this Yard Limit all the way back through Cincinnati, St. Louis, Louisville and around loop is a single Yard Limit (Like Prototype)
9. Proceed East to Loveland – 2nd Deck
a. Loveland is a Register location
b. Eastbound mainline transitions Double to Single track
10. Continue East to Blanchester
a. Blanchester is where Hillsboro branch starts
b. There is a dedicated Hillsboro branch train that works all industries South of Main line (front of layout)
c. Some mainline trains drop off can pick up cars from Hillsboro branch
d. A mainline local works industries to north of mainline
11. Continue East to Hillsboro
a. The mainline is at the rear and branch is at front
12. Main line comes back to front at Midland City
a. Midland City is yard limits
b. Midland City is double track, so right hand running applies unless Dispatcher orders indicate otherwise
c. Trains to Columbus go to north (rear) on Newark division.
d. The only powered turnouts are for Columbus staging.
13. Continue East on up to 3rd level passing Leesburg and Greenfield
14. Coming to RK Junction on 3rd level
a. Trains to Wellston Sub branch here
b. Find Wellston staging tracks behind mainline
15. Proceed East to Chillicothe the eastern division point of the Chillicothe Sub.
a. Chillicothe is Double Track and Yard Limits
b. Chillicothe is not fully operational
16. Baltimore Staging
a. Trains going to Baltimore proceed around loop before stopping on staging track
b. Originating trains do not depart staging until they have clearance from A from Chillicothe operator.